Littlescoop of Odors Dog Waste Removal Service
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What if I want to skip a service visit?   
You will not be charged for a skipped service visit if you call 24 hours in advance.  If you choose to skip several service visits, please let us know so we can put a hold on your account and you will not be charged for those days.  

Does Little Scoop of Odors work regardless of bad weather?
As you know living in the Campbell River area we see lots of rain, so working in the rain is no problem. A very heavy rainfall and high winds may stop us. We will resume your service the next day or two. When it snows a few centimeters it of coarse would be hard to find, so we will come out when it melts usually the next day or day after. If the snow stays after a few days we will resume service.  

Does Little Scoop of Odors work during the Holidays?

We do not work on the following days:  New Years Day, Christmas Day.  If your scheduled day falls on one of these holidays we will be there the day after.

Why not just let it disintegrate?  

It can pose a health hazard to both humans and pets. Read more here

Why should I hire Little Scoop of Odors to clean my yard?

It is time consuming, and no one really wants to do it.  Besides, you have better things to do with your time, like relaxing and enjoying your leisure time with your dog(s), so let us handle your dogs business and haul it away.

Does Little Scoop of Odors charge extra for a first time cleaning?
A first time cleaning fee of $30 may be charged if there is significant accumulation of waste.
Should I unlock my gate on the day of my scheduled visit?
Yes, so please have your gate unlocked on the day of your scheduled visit.

Can Little Scoop of Odors work with my dog in the yard?  

We usually get along well with dogs, so in most cases this is not a problem.  However, there are some cases when a dog will not let us into the yard.  If you know that your dog is wary of strangers, or if it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow us to clean the yard, then we would ask that you restrain or confine the dog.  We do not want to take any unnecessary risks with your dog or our staff.  
How does Little Scoop of Odors dispose of the waste?

We double bag the pet waste and dispose of it in compliance with all local rules and regulations so you never have to see or smell it again.
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